Monday, February 1, 2016

Bounce Rate: Facts Keep In Mind

There are almost more than 80% website owners (as per my assumption) are really bothering about the Bounce Rate of the website, and why not? They should. Bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors who enter the website and leave the site rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site.

Here are the few things we need to be considered before jumping into the conclusion. 

A) What is the definition of bounce rate used in my web analytics tool 

Bounce Rate Definition: 

It is usually measured in two ways: 

1) The percentage of website visits who see just one page on your site. 

2) The percentage of website visits who stay on the site for a small amount of time (usually five seconds or less). 

All of the websites are mostly using free tool such as Google Analytics (GA). GA is using bounce rate as the percentage of website visits who see just one page on your site. 

B) What bounce rate need to measure for your website 

You need to ask few questions to yourself 

Q 1. Do you want the visitor who must see more than one page? 

This makes sense for sites where visitor need to follow well-defined conversion steps requiring multiple page views. There we recommend using just one page on your site bounce rate definition. 

Q2. Do you mind if the visitor is seeing one page on your site but spending more than 5 seconds. 

It is value for sites where visitors are likely to find what they are looking for on the entry page itself so they will spend more than 5 seconds on your website. Despite of that if you are using only one page visit as a definition of the bounce rate doesn’t make sense here.

Looking forward for your thoughts/questions. Enjoy new learning.

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